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In Our Brave Tribe
Your Daughter Can

  • Participate in a Weekly Coaching online Call.
  • Participate in the Brave Tribe Community (think Facebook without the drama or "like" pressure and monitored by me). This is where your daughter gets to talk and share with her new friends in The Tribe.
  • Enjoy access to the Membership Site, where you and your daughter will find all of our resources, courses, and tools.
  • The Podcast for Brave Tribe Members and Parents.
  • Yoga videos.
  • Mindfulness recordings.
  • Guest speaker interviews (doctors, college athletes, authors, and more).
  • Brave Tribe members get 20% off one-on-one coaching if they want or need additional support. 

Vitamin C is for Connection!


If you're a mom of a tween or teen girl, you know how hard life can be for your daughter. She's likely dealing with friendship drama, the pressures of fitting in, and the general demands of being a teenager. Does your daughter often help friends but struggle to find support when she needs it? If so, The Brave Girl Tribe online community is the perfect place for her.

Our online members are caring and supportive and are excited to welcome new girls to the tribe. The Brave Girl Tribe is a safe and nurturing online community for girls in 5th to 8th grade to connect and support one another. With members from all over the United States and Canada, your daughter can make friends with other girls who understand what she's going through.

We believe in building confidence and bravery in every girl who joins our tribe. So if you want your daughter to be part of an online community where she can thrive and grow, sign her up for The Brave Girl Tribe today. We can't wait to welcome her into our tribe!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may have before enrolling in The Brave Tribe

The Brave Tribe is done from the comfort of your home. You don't have to get your daughter to one more activity.  Each week, we will have a live, online group coaching call using Zoom. If your daughter can't make it live, she can always watch the recorded session in our membership area. All other activities she can do when she has the time.  This is something to help and support her and is not HOMEWORK!

One thing we know from the research is that there is a big dip in self-esteem the older girls get.  The skills and support she gets now will help maintain her self-esteem and will be a support as she deals with more difficult issues the older she gets.

Having a safe place where your daughter can connect with other girls - and me - is exactly what she needs.
When we experience bullying, it can feel so isolating and, if your daughter feels that she has lost a lot of her friends, this group can be a source of encouragement that she is not alone. She also will develop skills to handle these hurtful experiences, so she feels empowered — all this as well as advice from girls her age.

I was a shy child and can relate to feeling nervous about starting a new group with people that you don't know.  There is no pressure or expectation for your daughter to share. She can participate in the coaching calls by listening and, if she has advice or a problem she needs help with, she can let us know when she is ready. The Brave Tribe Community also has rules and expectations for how we will support and treat one another.  Your daughter can feel that this is a safe place where she can take her time to get comfortable. Each girl in the Brave Tribe was also new at one point and this makes our group a very understanding place.

Each month there will be a coaching topic to address common issues that teen girls experience.  This membership is focusing on self-esteem, self-confidence, managing stress, difficult friendships, and problem solving strategies. We will use Zoom for our Monthly Online Coaching Calls. The links to all the coaching calls are in the membership site under Monthly Coaching Calls.  You can use Zoom on any device from cell phone to lap top!  If using a cell phone or tablet just download Zoom from the App store and you will find the link to the call in The Monthly Coaching Calls section of the membership. 

Girls will have an opportunity to fill out a Brave Tribe Coaching Request Form prior to the monthly coaching call. This form can be found under the Monthly Coaching Calls section of the membership and I also will send this out in an email the week prior to the 1st Sunday of the month to allow you and your daughter an opportunity to fill this out together. This will help make sure there is time to address all concerns and problems, as well as allow a girl to remain anonymous, but still receive coaching and support from myself and the other girls.

Group coaching has many benefits. 

  • Camaraderie in being surrounded by other girls facing similar challenges.
  • Learning new and different goal setting, action planning, stress management and problem solving strategies that others have tried.
  • Increased motivation from coaching and sense of support from the group of girls.
  • Ability to brainstorm solutions in a group environment and get feedback from multiple perspectives.
  • Creates a sense of accountability so your to-do's and action steps get done.
  • Affordability!

Parents will have access to the recorded coaching sessions in the membership site and access to the Brave Tribe Community page. 

I have rules in the membership site under Welcome New Members-Rules that explain when I would break confidentiality. This would be the case if someone shares thoughts of harming themselves, wanting to hurt someone else, or they are being hurt. 

If as a parent if you have specific concerns please feel free to reach out to me by emailing me at [email protected]  and we can schedule a time to talk.

Most forms of therapy examine your present behavior, beliefs, relationships, and self-image and attempt to trace their roots back to relationships in the past.  As its name implies, therapy treats a condition that requires healing. 

Coaching is future-focused in helping you in designing the necessary plans, attitudes, and actions to achieve your goals. In the process, the influences of the past may come up, but always in the context of what you want to have in the future.  Though coaching recognizes the traumas of the past, it assumes you are a whole person, capable of moving on and taking responsibility for your current and future actions.

If your daughter is experiencing significant emotional distress that is impacting her in multiple areas of her life, coaching would not be appropriate.  Seeking help from a licensed mental health provider would be important for her health and well being.  If you don't know where to start, contacting her pediatrician is always a good first step.  If your daughter is currently in therapy and you are feeling that she is making progress, this could be an appropriate program for her.  Please speak with your child's therapist and share this information to help decide if this would be a good fit. If you have questions please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help in any way [email protected]

I want you and your daughter to be happy in The Brave Tribe and I know this is going to be an amazing place to learn the skills she needs to develop unstoppable self-esteem. This is a monthly membership that can be paid monthly or you can save money by paying for the year.

If for some reason you or your daughter are not happy with The Brave Tribe you can cancel your membership. If you have paid an annual membership the remaining amount will be prorated and returned to you.

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