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Courses and Resources for Brave Girls & Brave Parents

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Resources and Tools for Brave Girls and Brave Parents

Tools for Bravery

Our courses are specifically designed to help young girls overcome challenges and grow in confidence. Each course provides practical tools and strategies for problem-solving and personal development, empowering your daughter to navigate life's hurdles with strength and self-assurance. As a parent, you'll gain insights on supporting your daughter's journey, fostering a relationship built on understanding and encouragement.

Together, let's equip your daughter for success in all aspects of her life.

Survive and Thrive In Middle School

Unlock the tools you and your daughter need to successfully navigate middle school together with our online course. This program offers:

  • Tailored Video Lessons & PDFs: Separate sections for parents and daughters to learn at their own pace.
  • Instant Resource Access: Pick and use the resources that meet your needs in the moment.
  • Dedicated Q&A Section: Get answers to common middle school challenges.
  • Lifetime Access: Receive all updates and new content forever.

Whether starting middle school or already in the midst, our course prepares both of you to handle its challenges with confidence and resilience. Enroll now for a journey of shared growth and strengthened bonds.
Click on 'Survive and Thrive in Middle School' below for a 15% summer discount.

Survive and Thrive in Middle School

The Brave Girl Tribe

Join our online community designed for 5th to 8th-grade girls! Membership includes:

  • Weekly Confidence Lessons: Empowering your daughter each week.
  • Community Support: A safe space for connection and advice.
  • Exclusive Resources: Lessons and tools to support your daughter through the challenges she faces.

Learn More or Schedule a Chat to discover if The Brave Girl Tribe is right for your daughter.


Success Starts Here

 An essential online course for tweens and teens entering the workforce. Equip them with the tools to:

  • Craft a Professional Resume.
  • Ace Interviews.
  • Master Workplace Communication.
  • Set Healthy Work Boundaries.
  • Budget Smartly.

Click here to purchase it as a perfect gift for your granddaughter, niece, or friend.


Self-Coaching Workshop

 Discover a powerful self-coaching technique for managing thoughts and emotions during challenging times. This course includes:

  • How To Coach Yourself Video: Practical guidance for everyday challenges.
  • Self-Coaching Workbook PDF: Tools for both parents and daughters to navigate emotions effectively.

Click Here to Purchase as a thoughtful gift for your granddaughter, niece, or friend.



The Brave Girl's Stress Survival Guide

Master stress management with our guide. 

  • Identify Stress Triggers.
  • Understand Thought Habits.
  • Learn Management Strategies.


The Wheel of Life (WOL)

The WOL is a fantastic tool to help you create more life balance.

Using the WOL, you identify where you are spending your time and how satisfied you are in that area.



Resources for Parents of Girls with ADHD

ADHD looks different in girls. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 44 years old and having that diagnosis finally answered my questions of why everything always felt hard.




Affirmations are simple, short and powerful expressions. When you say, think, even hear them, they become thoughts that create reality.

Thirty (30!) of my favorite affirmations cards ready to be printed!

Get Affirmations


Friendship Challenges Toolkit

  • Parental Guidance Flowchart
  • Flow of Friendship
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Friendship Quiz
  • Conflict Iceberg

Equip yourself to help your daughter navigate friendship challenges effectively.

Friendship Challenge Toolkit


7 Keys to Solving Worry 

Is your child's worry or anxiety starting to feel overwhelming?

 Our guide, "7 Keys to Solving  Worry," is designed to provide you with practical and effective strategies to help your child manage and overcome their worries.

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Boundaries Worksheets 

These worksheets lay the foundation for boundaries in all aspects of life, including dating. Empower your daughter to cultivate healthy relationships and navigate life confidently.


Healthy Relationship Checklist

Embracing the checklist can help you enhance communication, trust, and overall well-being. I encourage you to take this opportunity for self-reflection and growth in your relationships.


The Genuine Friendships

With this workbook, you'll learn the following:

1. What a healthy and positive friendship means to you.

2. The qualities you value in a true friend.

3.  How to assess whether you're being a genuine friend yourself.

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