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Courses and Resources for Brave Girls & Brave Parents

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Resources and Tools for Brave Girls and Brave Parents

Tools for Bravery

 Embark on a path of growth and empowerment with courses designed to inspire and support. Whether for parents or daughters, each course is a leap towards wisdom, strength, and a brighter future. Together, let's build a foundation of courage and connection.


The Brave Girl Tribe

The Brave Girl Tribe is an online community for 5th to 8th-grade girls.
  • Your daughter will have access to the following:
  •  Weekly lessons to boost your daughter's confidence.
  •  A supportive community page where your daughter can connect with other positive girls and get advice for her most challenging problems.
  •  Access to resources and tools to help your daughter live life bravely.

Click here to learn more, or schedule a chat with me to see if The Brave Girl Tribe is a good fit for your daughter.



Success Starts Here

An online course designed specifically for teens and young adults entering the workforce for the first time.

  • Tips and strategies to gain the confidence and skills needed to find their first job.
  • Create a professional resume.
  • Practice interview questions to build their confidence.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with customers and coworkers.
  • How to establish healthy boundaries at work.
  • How to budget their money, and much more.  


Self-Coaching Workshop 

This short course will teach you and your daughter a powerful technique to manage your thoughts and emotions during challenging times.
  • The How To Coach Yourself video.
  • The Self Coaching Workbook pdf
  • See how everyday upsetting situations that girls run into can be self-coached.
  • This is a tool that you can use as a parent to help regulate your emotions as well as help guide your daughter through hers


The Brave Girl's Stress Survival Guide

We all need strategies and tools to help us manage stress. In The Brave Girl's Stress Survival Guide you will:

Identify your stress triggers.

Learn your thought habits that make you feel overwhelmed and are keeping you stuck.

Find strategies to manage the stress in your life.



The Wheel of Life (WOL)

The WOL is a fantastic tool to help you create more life balance.

Using the WOL, you identify where you are spending your time and how satisfied you are in that area.



Resources for Parents of Girls with ADHD

ADHD looks different in girls. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 44 years old and having that diagnosis finally answered my questions of why everything always felt hard.




Affirmations are simple, short and powerful expressions. When you say, think, even hear them, they become thoughts that create reality.

Thirty (30!) of my favorite affirmations cards ready to be printed!

Get Affirmations


The Resource For You and Your Daughter.

Supporting Your Daughter Through Friendship Challenges Toolkit.

1. Supporting Your Daughter Through Friendship Challenges

2. Parental Guidance Flowchart

3. Flow of Friendship

4. Healthy Friendship vs. Unhealthy Friendship Quiz

5. Conflict Iceberg

Friendship Challenge Toolkit


7 Keys to Solving the Worry Puzzle

Is your child's worry or anxiety starting to feel overwhelming?

We understand how challenging it can be to navigate these moments, but you're not alone. Our guide, "7 Keys to Solving the Worry Puzzle," is designed to provide you with practical and effective strategies to help your child manage and overcome their worries.

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Boundaries Worksheets 

These worksheets lay the foundation for boundaries in all aspects of life, including dating. Empower your daughter to cultivate healthy relationships and navigate life confidently.


Healthy Relationship Checklist

Embracing the checklist can help you enhance communication, trust, and overall well-being. I encourage you to take this opportunity for self-reflection and growth in your relationships.


The Genuine Friendships

With this workbook, you'll learn the following:

1. What a healthy and positive friendship means to you.

2. The qualities you value in a true friend.

3.  How to assess whether you're being a genuine friend yourself.

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