Empower Your Daughter's Middle School Journey
Middle school is a challenging chapter for you and your daughter. The concerns about academic success, social pressures, and emotional development can feel overwhelming.

Navigate this crucial phase with our unique course, which offers dedicated sections for parents and daughters. Short, topic-specific videos allow you to choose what resonates most with your current challenges.

Embark on middle school with confidence. You're not alone; We are here to help support you!

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Why Choose "Survive & Thrive In Middle School"?

"Survive & Thrive In Middle School" goes beyond a simple course; it's a transformative journey for both parents and daughters.

By addressing the unique challenges of this transitional period, we empower parents to support their daughters effectively and provide girls with the tools they need to thrive during this critical phase of their lives.

Choose empowerment, choose understanding, choose success—choose "Survive & Thrive In Middle School."

Explore 'Survive and Thrive in Middle School' – Take a peek inside our amazing course!



Parent Resources, Videos & Tools:

  • How To Support Your Daughter & Building Strong Connections In Middle School
  • The Realities Of What Our Girls Experience
  • How To Connect With Your Daughter
  • Understanding Your Middle Schooler By Understanding Teen Brain Development
  • Tips To Help Your Daughter Manage Her Worry & Anxiety
  • Friendships & Social Hierarchies in Middle School
  • Why Middle School Friendships Are So Hard
  • How To Support Your Daughter Through Friendship Drama
  • Parent's Toolkit for Addressing Relational Aggression
  • Empowering Your Daughter to STAND UP Against Bullying
  • The Boundaries Your Daughter Needs

Girls Resources, 
Videos & Tools:

Preparing For Middle School

  • Developing Your Middle School Mindset
  • Know Who You Are To Be Yourself
  • What I Wish I Knew Before Middle School
  • Do's & Don'ts Before School Starts
  • How To Prepare For Your First Day 

Navigating Social Situations

  • Which Thought Hole Do You Get Stuck In?
  • How To Make New Friends
  • Signs Of A Healthy Friendship
  • Spotting Red Flags In Your Relationship
  • Managing Changing Friendships
  • How To Avoid The Comparison Trap
  • Good Popularity vs Bad Popularity
  • Understanding Middle School Friendships & Social Hierarchies

Achieving Academic Success

  • New Teachers & New Expectations
  • 10 Tips From Successful Students
  • What Is Your Learning Style?

Exploring Extracurricular Activities

Your Questions Answered 

We understand that middle school comes with a plethora of questions. Our extensive Q&A Section features quick and insightful videos that address your concerns directly, providing practical solutions to the everyday challenges you and your daughter may face.

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"I used to find myself stuck in negative thoughts, but now I know how to break free and stay positive." 😊🚀
-Lyla, 7th grade

"Taking this course was an absolute game-changer for me and my daughter. The communication techniques have brought us closer than ever. I now understand how to ask questions that foster understanding rather than resistance. It's not just a course; it's a bridge that's strengthened our connection."
-Regina, mom of 7th grader

"As a mom navigating the challenges of raising a teenage daughter, this course has been a lifeline. The insights into the mindset and brain function of teen girls were eye-opening. It's been incredibly helpful in navigating those tricky moments of growing up. Highly recommend!"
- Aelina, mom of 8th grader

"The beginning of the school year was so hard, and every day, I was crying because of all the drama going on in my friendships. My mom wanted me to do this course with her, and I learned so much about friendships. Now I have healthy friendships, and I don't dread going to school."
- Lauren, 6th grader

"I was really nervous to start middle school and was worried about making friends. This course really helped me feel more confident and know how to handle different problems"
- Mia, 7th grader

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  • Parent Course
  • Daughter Course
  • Q&A Section
  • Lifetime Access
  • Access to Updates and New Content.

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