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5 tips for supporting your Middle School daughter

I hope this message finds you well as the school year winds down. Being a parent can be hard, especially during these demanding months. How are you and your daughter doing? I genuinely want to know!

Parenting a tween or teen can feel like a constant struggle, particularly with the social dynamics they face. If this school year has been tough and you're both feeling drained, you’re not alone. Many parents feel overwhelmed by the drama and emotional turbulence that their daughters endure.

To support you both, I’d like to introduce you to the lessons in the parent section of the "Survive and Thrive in Middle School" course. This resource is designed to help you and your daughter navigate these crucial years confidently.

You and your daughter have the strength to rise above the challenges, and things will get better. With the right tools and resources, the journey can be a bit easier. Here are the topics in the parent section of Survive and Thrive in Middle School that will help you support your daughter. We also have a 15% off summer coupon to help you and your daughter get started on creating an amazing new school year.

  • How To Support Your Daughter In Middle School
  • The Realities Of What Our Girls Experience
  • How To Connect With Your Daughter
  • Understanding Your Middle Schooler By Understanding Teen Brain Development
  • Tips To Help Your Daughter Manage Her Worry & Anxiety
  • Friendships & Social Hierarchies in Middle School
  • Why Middle School Friendships Are So Hard
  • How To Support Your Daughter Through Friendship Drama
  • Parent's Toolkit for Addressing Relational Aggression
  • Empowering Your Daughter to STAND UP Against Bullying
  • The Boundaries Your Daughter Needs

Navigating friendship issues is a common part of growing up, and sadly, it is still a common experience during summer break. Managing friendship challenges is difficult for children and parents alike.

Here are five strategies to help both you and your daughter navigate friendship challenges:

Model Resilience: Keep engaging in your normal activities and show your daughter how to move forward positively despite personal challenges. Demonstrating resilience teaches her that life’s setbacks, like friendship issues, are manageable.

Provide a Listening Ear: Let your daughter know she can share her feelings with you without judgment. Sometimes, just talking about a problem aloud can lessen its impact and help her process her emotions.

Seek External Support: It's okay for you to reach out to friends or family members for support. Sharing your feelings with someone uninvolved can provide you with a fresh perspective or simply a chance to vent.

Encourage Social Connections: Help your daughter find social activities outside of school, like joining a club, sports team, or taking a class. Engaging in new activities can boost her confidence and widen her circle of friends.

Educate Your Household: Make sure everyone in your home understands the importance of empathy and support during this time. It’s crucial that her struggles are not minimized or dismissed by siblings or other family members.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll not only help your daughter handle her current issues more effectively but also equip her with skills to navigate future challenges. Remember, the goal isn't to fix every issue for her but to empower her to manage and grow from them. 15% off Survive and Thrive

Explore More Resources on The Brave Girl Project Website

Discover a variety of tools and resources tailored for you and your daughter on our course page at The Brave Girl Project website. Dive in to find additional support that could be instrumental in navigating this summer's friendship challenges. Take a look and see what else might be helpful for you both! Click Here to access the course page.

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Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project
Life Coach for Tween & Teen Girls
[email protected]



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