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How To Grow Your Happiness

Hi Brave Friends!!

 I am sharing with you one of my secrets that I do everyday-sometimes even twice a day, and I am sharing this secret with you because I want you to feel happy, centered, healthy, and present. 

The secret is that I practice mindfulness every day, and it is the one thing that helps grow my happiness and makes me feel better. I want you so badly to try it because I want you to see how something so simple can make such a significant impact on how you feel. It is a simple practice. It just requires you! 

I know sweet friend how busy you are; we all experience stress, we all experience moments of anxiety, and we all experience loss and heartache. Living is hard work but so worth it, but often we are stuck in the past or worried about the future that we aren't experiencing the here and now of what is happening.

This is why I practice mindfulness. I don't want any more time to slip away from me than already has. I want to savor every moment and be present with my loved ones. I want to LIVE and to do that I have to be in the present moment. Mindfulness is a practice of bringing your attention back to the present moment without judgment. It can be as simple as taking ten deep breaths.

I recorded a Gratitude Meditation for you to listen to and a quick one-page journaling sheet to help you get the most out of this practice. This ten-minute practice is a gift that you can give to yourself! I do hope that you will give it a try and would love to hear what your experience was like!

Let me know your experiences in doing this practice - feel free to email me at [email protected]

Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project



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