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Four Pebbles to Happiness Meditation

meditation mindfulness Apr 20, 2021

Hi Brave Girls,

Today we are doing a meditation based on Thich Nhat Hanh’s, A Handful of Quiet.

You will need 4 pebbles.

The first pebble is your flower. It is a reminder of being fresh and open. It also reminds us to see the beauty and possibilities around us.

The second pebble represents your mountain. The mountain pebble reminds us that we all are solid and calm inside. This helps our friends see us as reliable. It reminds us that we can depend on ourselves.

The third pebble represents calm water. When you look at the lake's calm surface, you can see the reflection of the clouds, the sky, and the mountains. Calm water helps reflect what is truly there. This pebble reminds us to find our calm.

The fourth pebble represents space and freedom. Space is freedom, and freedom is the foundation for true happiness.

Holding these pebbles while meditating can help you stay in the present moment. I love feeling the different textures of my pebbles and the cool touch!

Mindfulness is a practice that has made such a positive impact on my life.

It has allowed me to feel life more fully. It has helped me have that sense of coming home to myself. It has helped me feel more in control when life feels out of control.

My wish in sharing these practices with you is that you find a sense of calm or use this as a tool when you feel overwhelmed.

Let me know what you thought of this meditation in the comments below. You can do this practice every day this week!

Anytime you need a moment or you want a sense of calm- pick up one of your pebbles and breathe!

Continue to live life bravely sweet friends! 





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