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Where Fearless Readers Unite April

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2023

Get ready to be swept away on a thrilling literary journey this April! 

 The Fearless Readers of the Brave Girl Tribe are here to recommend not one but two incredible books that are guaranteed to captivate your imagination.

First up is "The House Swap" by the talented Yvette Clark. This sweet and emotional book offers two unique perspectives on family and belonging.

Brave Girl Tribe Fearless Readers also recommend "Glitter Gets Everywhere," author Yvette Clark's debut novel that explores grief, change, and hope.

 If you're a mom of a girl or a teen, the Brave Mom Book Club on Facebook is the perfect place.

Last month we read "The Anxiety Audit" by the fantastic Lynn Lyons. This book is packed with valuable insights and practical tips for raising teenagers in the age of anxiety. If you want to watch the main takeaways from this book, join The Brave Mom Book Club on Facebook, dads are also welcome to join us.

Join our supportive community of brave moms as we share our experiences, offer advice, and learn from one another. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with other like-minded women and discover new ways to navigate the exciting but challenging world of parenting teens!


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