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Get Your Tween or Teen Ready For Summer!

As summer beckons with its promise of endless possibilities, it's the perfect time to dream big and plan even bigger! This year, we're taking the summer bucket list to a new level of excitement and personal growth.

Why Create a Summer Growth Bucket List?
Summer isn't just a break from school—it's a vibrant season to explore new interests, master skills, and push the boundaries of what you think is possible. Whether your daughter wants to dive into a new book series, learn a digital skill, or start a mini-business, there's no limit to what she can achieve with a bit of imagination and a lot of inspiration.

I've created a Summer Bucket List PDF featuring six unique worksheets designed to help you and your daughter craft a summer filled with cherished memories. Drawing on my experience as a school counselor, I often faced what I call 'summer regret' when returning to school, realizing I hadn't accomplished everything I'd hoped during the break—a sentiment echoed by my son as well. By brainstorming with your daughter, setting achievable goals, and organizing a timeline, you can ensure there’s ample time for both the activities she’s excited about and the tasks she needs to accomplish. Download now your own copy.

Tips for a Balanced Summer:

Mix Learning with Fun: Balance academic goals with physical activities like swimming, hiking, or cycling.
Weekly Check-ins: Set a time each week to review what’s working and adjust plans as needed to stay motivated.
Celebrate Every Achievement: No win is too small to celebrate. Encouragement and recognition are key to maintaining enthusiasm.


Recap of the Recent Brave Girl Tribe Workshop: Our recent workshop brought together members of The Brave Girl Tribe for an enriching session focused on designing impactful and enjoyable summer experiences. The girls brainstormed and shared their aspirations for the season, supporting each other in setting exciting and achievable goals.

What’s Next? We may not have a workshop every Sunday, but our weekly group meetings are filled with engaging discussions on topics that matter—friendship dynamics, confidence, navigating changes, and more. These gatherings are perfect for any girl looking to find her place and her voice within a supportive community.

How to Get Your Daughter Involved: Interested in joining The Brave Girl Tribe? It’s easy!  Send a message to [email protected], and we’ll provide you with all the details to have your daughter attend our next Sunday meeting. You can also schedule a one-on-one chat with me. Schedule a chat today!


Unlock Your Child's Potential This Summer with the "Success Starts Here" Course!

Are you looking for a meaningful summer activity for your tween or teen?

Our "Success Starts Here" course is designed to equip young people with essential life and career skills not taught in school.

This course offers everything from crafting the perfect resume to excelling in job interviews and navigating workplace dynamics. It is comprised of 15 concise video lessons paired with informative PDFs.

If your teen hesitates to start job hunting, it might be because she is uncertain about where to begin. This course empowers your daughter to take the initiative and equips her with the necessary skills to overcome challenges confidently.

This course is ideally suited for your tween daughter too! It includes a special Entrepreneurship Lesson tailored for those not old enough to hold a traditional summer job. Summer is the perfect time for learning, and this course offers a fantastic opportunity for your tween to gain valuable skills. Whether she's preparing for her first job or exploring entrepreneurial ventures, our course ensures she's equipped with the knowledge to succeed.

What will your daughter learn?

Job Hunting: Where and how to find the first job.
Interview Skills: Techniques to stand out in interviews.
Resume Building: Tips for creating a compelling resume.
Workplace Etiquette: Dealing with coworkers and customers effectively.
Entrepreneurship: Basics of starting their own business.
Financial Savvy: Fundamental principles of saving and managing money.

This course is not just about finding a job; it's about building confidence and independence.
Upon completion of the 'Success Starts Here' course, participants will receive a certificate celebrating their readiness to take on the world. This course is the perfect starting point for any child, whether they're a tween just beginning to explore career concepts or a teen preparing to enter the job market. From developing essential job skills to understanding the nuances of entrepreneurship, 'Success Starts Here' equips young people with the tools they need for success in the real world.

We have a Get Ready for Summer sale on this course for only $30.
Click here to purchase this course for your tween or teen. You will get immediate access to all the videos and PDFs.
Do you have a niece, granddaughter or special friend that would benefit from this course? Why not give it to her as a gift. Use this link to purchase this as a gift for your loved one. You will share an email address for your special loved one so that we can email them their access to the course.
Enroll now and make this summer a transformative period for your child!


Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project
Life Coach for Tween & Teen Girls
[email protected]




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