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Guiding Your Daughter: Effective Strategies for Managing Finals with Confidence

Anxiety can build as final exams and standardized testing season approaches. It’s a critical time for our students, especially those managing ADHD. Let’s explore how we can help our daughters feel less overwhelmed and more empowered during this stressful time of year.

Navigating the educational journey with your tween or teen girl can be both rewarding and challenging, particularly when ADHD is part of the equation. This condition can affect executive functioning, making it difficult for your daughter to plan, prioritize, and execute tasks. Understanding this can help us support them better.

Instead of asking, "Have you started studying for your finals?" here are some other helpful ways to check in with your daughter that hopefully won't shut her down, especially if she procrastinates because of stress. 

When we check in, ask:

"How can I help you study for your finals?"
"Would it be helpful for me to be an accountability partner to help keep you focused and on track?"
"What's your study schedule like, and how can I assist in creating a conducive study environment at home?"
"Are there specific subjects or topics you'd like more help with? Maybe we can find additional resources or a tutor if needed."
"Do you need help organizing your study materials or setting priorities for what to study first?"
"Would you like me to help review flashcards or quiz you on certain topics to reinforce your learning?"
"Is there anything specific that's causing you stress about the finals that we can talk through together?"
"How can I support you in taking breaks and managing stress so you stay refreshed and focused?"
"Do you think setting up a study group with your friends would be beneficial, and how can I facilitate that?"
"Are there any tools, apps, or supplies you need that would make studying easier or more effective?"

 Effective Study Techniques for All

1. Brain Dump for clarity before diving into studying: Encouraging your daughter to perform a "brain dump" can be a transformative strategy for managing stress and improving concentration. When we try to hold onto numerous tasks, reminders, and worries, we naturally feel overwhelmed and mentally cluttered. A brain dump is a simple yet effective technique to break this cycle.

2. Embrace Short-Focused Study Sessions: Utilizing the power of Recency and Latency, we recommend breaking study time into shorter, more frequent sessions. For example, study for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break—a method inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, which is excellent for maintaining focus without burnout.

3. Body Doubling: I’ve found the practice of body doubling to be a game changer for me when I really need to focus on something. Whether it's a peer or a parent, having someone present during study sessions can anchor attention and reduce distractions. You might consider sitting with her in a shared space like the kitchen while she studies—this presence can be subtly supportive without making the environment feel overly structured.

4. Sensory Study Boosts: Incorporate background music and consistent scents during study sessions to enhance focus and recall. These sensory tools are linked directly to cognitive performance and can make a significant difference. I love the YouTube channel Mind Amend by Jason Lewis.

5. Remember that multitasking is a myth: You aren't helping yourself by doing two things at the same time. So turn off your phone, or put it on airplane mode, or even leave it in another room.
Affirmations to Keep Perspective During Exam Time

1. I am capable and prepared. - Remind yourself of your preparation and ability to handle challenges.

2. This exam is just one part of my learning journey. - It helps to remember that one test does not define your entire academic career.

3. I am more than my test scores. - Your value and self-worth extend far beyond the outcomes of exams.

4. Every question is an opportunity to show what I know. - Instead of feeling intimidated, see each question as a chance to demonstrate your knowledge.

Affirmations to Maintain Perspective: Enhance your study and test-taking confidence with these powerful affirmations. Download and place them in your daughter's backpack, or review them together to reinforce a positive mindset. Download now

My Butterfly-style Pomodoro and Brain Dump worksheets can help!  With these worksheets, your daughter can break down her tasks into focused intervals using the Pomodoro Technique and clear her mind while prioritizing her tasks with the Brain Dump worksheet. Download Now

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Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project
Life Coach for Tween & Teen Girls
[email protected]



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