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How To Handle Teen Friendship Challenges: The Do's and Don'ts

Were you ever part of the Girl Scouts?

I was and absolutely cherish the opportunities to engage with different troops. I have the privilege of working with remarkable Girl Scout troops and focusing on the importance of recognizing how relationships can have a powerful impact on us and the value of inclusivity.

Navigating relationships can indeed be quite a challenge. As parents and mentors, we often find ourselves seeking ways to support the incredible girls in our lives.

In Katie Hurley's insightful book, "Mean Girls No More," she offers invaluable tips for nurturing healthy friendships. I'm excited to share these insights with my Girl Scout friends and wanted to pass them along to you as well.

How To Handle Friendship Challenges

  • Say that you need time to think. You don't have to solve every problem right away.
  • Talk about how you're feeling.
  • Use I- statements to avoid the blame game. For example, "I feel embarrassed when other people make jokes about me."
  • Take responsibility for your role in the conflict.
  • Use a calm but assertive voice to communicate your thoughts.
  • Be honest.
  • Listen.
  • Consider your friend's perspective.
  • Work together: State the problem. Talk about feelings on both sides. Brainstorm possible solutions.
  • Talk it out with a trusted adult if you don't know how to solve the problem.

Maladaptive Coping Strategies

  • Exaggerate or lie to make the situation seem bigger than it is. 
  • Gossip or build alliances to get other friends in on the conflict. 
  • Blame: It takes two to have a conflict.
  • Use the silent treatment to retaliate. It never solves a problem and often makes the problem worse. If you need time alone to think, tell your friend.
  • Pretend you have no feelings or keep your face devoid of emotions.
  • Use phrases like “whatever” or “I don't care” to hide your true feelings. 
  • Talk over your friend.
  • Taunt your friend to make onlookers laugh.
  • Dismiss your friend's feelings.

Download: Guidelines For Healthy Friendships


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Life Coach for Tween and Teen Girls
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