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Teen Birthday Disappointments: Friendship Affirmations!


As I celebrate another year of life, I find myself reflecting on the past, particularly a poignant memory from my 13th birthday. Turning 13 marked a significant milestone, and I couldn't wait to celebrate with my friends.

I vividly recall my 13th birthday, eagerly anticipating my first-ever sleepover party.

On that anticipated day, only one friend was able to attend my sleepover party. The rest were away on a ski trip, leaving me with a mix of embarrassment and hurt. I couldn't help but wonder why I hadn't been a part of that ski trip with them. The disappointment ran deep, and it's a feeling many of us have experienced in our lives.

Friendship disappointments can cut deep, and that experience was no exception. What I've learned as an adult is that we often personalize these situations, making them about ourselves when, in reality, they may not be.

I share this personal story not only as a reflection on my past but to acknowledge the universal struggles that girls face in their friendships. We've all been there, navigating the complexities of social dynamics, feeling the sting of disappointment, and questioning our place in the group.

Birthdays are not just a celebration of personal milestones; they are moments of reflection and growth. As I look back on that 13th birthday, I appreciate the lessons it taught me about friendship, resilience, and the importance of supporting one another. 

I want to offer you a gift – a set of friendship affirmations. These affirmations serve as a reminder that we are all deserving of positive and uplifting connections. May these affirmations guide you and your loved ones towards stronger, more fulfilling connections Click here to download the affirmations and take a step towards fostering healthier relationships.

If you have a daughter who is seeking a positive and supportive community of girls, a place where she can gain valuable tools and strategies to navigate friendship challenges while boosting her confidence, I extend a warm invitation to The Brave Girl Tribe. We meet most Sundays. Simply send me an email at [email protected], and I'll be delighted to send a Zoom link and welcome your daughter as our guest in our next meeting.


Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project
Life Coach for Tween & Teen Girls
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