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Unlocking Children's Potential: Modeling Resilience and Self-Control

This past week has been filled with enriching experiences aimed at fostering a supportive environment for our children and students. I had the privilege of participating in various workshops and presentations emphasizing the importance of nurturing positive relationships and addressing anxiety in our young ones.

I had the honor of attending the SPACE Workshop led by Dr. Eli Lebowitz. This course provided invaluable insights into supporting parents in guiding their anxious children. It reinforced the significance of communication and instilling confidence in our children to navigate life's challenges. I am excited to apply the lessons I learned to the parents and girls that I support.

Next, I was honored to conduct Staff Development Training at Fairview Elementary via Zoom for all their amazing teachers and staff. My presentation focused on "Supporting Positive Friendships in the Classroom." It was heartening to see educators coming together to address the nuances of relational aggression and friendship drama that impact our students. Through open discussions, we explored strategies to foster inclusive environments where every child feels valued and supported.

Then, I had the opportunity to present to the parents of Fairview Elementary my workshop on "Navigating Friendships." We delved into the complexities of relational aggression and friendship drama and its implications on our children's well-being. It was enlightening to discuss the distinction between healthy friend groups and exclusive cliques, emphasizing the importance of fostering inclusive social dynamics.

Throughout these sessions, one resounding message prevailed: the importance of modeling resilience and self-regulation for our children.

By regulating ourselves, we empower our children to navigate challenges confidently and gracefully.

Some recurring themes emerged in our discussions, such as managing distractions and emotional upsets arising from group texts. We acknowledged electronic aggression as relational aggression and explored strategies to address it effectively. Additionally, distinguishing between healthy friend groups and cliques proved crucial in understanding and addressing school social dynamics.

I also want to extend an invitation to you.

If you believe your school or organization would benefit from similar workshops or presentations, I am more than happy to be a presenter. Whether supporting positive friendships, addressing anxiety, or navigating social dynamics, I'm here to support your community's growth and well-being. Technology can allow us to work together despite our distance, reach out and schedule a chat with me.

 A parent asked about afterschool clubs where their kids can gain the skills they need to handle these friendship challenges. The Brave Girl Tribe is my answer for supporting girls in 5th to 8th grade who are navigating friendship challenges. What sets The Brave Girl Tribe apart is that it provides a safe space for girls to seek support without worrying about their school peers discussing their concerns. Since members of The Brave Tribe are from all over the United States and Canada, it offers a unique opportunity for your daughter to receive guidance and encouragement from a diverse group of peers. As we move forward, let us continue to foster a community where empathy, understanding, and resilience thrive. Together, we can empower our children to navigate the complexities of friendship and anxiety with confidence and compassion.

Wishing you all a week filled with positivity and growth.


Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project
Life Coach for Tweens & Teens
[email protected]




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