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Does your daughter have A.N.T.s: Automatic Negative Thoughts?

This past Friday night, I attended our local high school's first football game of the season. It was heartwarming to witness the high schoolers hanging out with their friends; the palpable excitement and butterflies in the air were infectious. Admittedly, I observed their social dynamics more than the game itself – though I know that our team emerged victorious!

As I watched these interactions, I couldn't help but wonder about the inner thoughts of these teens following their moments with friends. Sometimes, body language can be a revealing storyteller, hinting at those instances where Automatic Negative Thoughts might have crept in after their interactions.

Stepping into a brand-new school year, the whirlwind of change and the rapid shifts in our surroundings can sometimes trigger automatic negative thoughts.

In this Blog, we're on a mission to unpack some of these typical thinking patterns that we might come across. Getting a handle on these patterns can give us the superpower to spot those moments when we – or our kiddos – get tangled up in this less-than-sunny way of thinking.

Here are the top nine A.N.T.s I see in my middle and high school clients.

1. Catastrophizing:
Catastrophizing often leads us to believe that the worst-case scenario is inevitable. For instance, think about not receiving an invitation to a social event. Someone caught in this distortion might say, "I didn't get invited to her party. She probably hates me now, and I'll never have friends."

2. Magnifying the Negative:
When magnifying the negative, we focus only on the downsides of a situation. Consider not receiving an immediate response to a message. A person stuck in this distortion might think, "She didn't reply right away. I must have annoyed her, and she's definitely mad at me now."

3. Mind Reading:
Mind reading occurs when we assume we know what others are thinking without any concrete evidence. Imagine a friend's curious look during a conversation. Someone caught in this distortion might say, "She looked at me weirdly. She probably thinks I'm boring and don't belong here."

4. Fortune Telling:
Fortune telling involves predicting negative outcomes without any factual basis. For example, imagine feeling nervous about joining a group discussion and predicting, "I'll mess up everything I say, and they'll all think I'm clueless."

5. All-or-Nothing Thinking:
All-or-nothing thinking is when we view situations as either completely good or completely bad. For instance, after a minor disagreement, someone might think, "If we had a disagreement, our friendship must be over. I'm a terrible friend."

6. Labeling:
Labeling involves using extreme, negative terms to describe ourselves based on specific instances. Imagine making a mistake during a conversation. Someone caught in this distortion might say, "I stumbled over my words. I'm so stupid; I can't even talk properly."

7. Negative Comparison:
Negative comparison happens when we measure our worth against others' perceived successes. Imagine comparing yourself to a more outgoing friend and thinking, "She's so much better at talking to people. I'm just boring."

8. Spotlighting:
Spotlighting is when we believe everyone is paying close attention to our actions. Imagine tripping while walking and thinking, "Now everyone is staring at me and laughing. I'm so embarrassed."

9. Social Perfectionism:
Social perfectionism involves setting unrealistic standards for ourselves in social situations. Imagine feeling the need to be perfect during a group activity and saying, "I have to be flawless, or they'll all think I'm not good enough."

 Have you noticed these sneaky Automatic Negative Thoughts creeping in, affecting you and your child?

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