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9 Thought Habits & Challenge Questions To Help With Automatic Negative Thoughts.

 I was incredibly fortunate to attend a Sting concert and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing!

Listening to him perform "Message In A Bottle" brought back a flood of memories from my teenage years. Even after all this time, the lyrics still tug at my heartstrings.

The lyrics resonate with me, reminding me of all the girls heading back to school, feeling like they're castaways on lonely islands, but here's the truth: they're not alone in feeling alone. A whole sea of girls are out there, all searching for their place to belong.

Over the past few weeks, I've received numerous messages from parents reaching out for guidance on supporting their daughters during these challenging transitions in school and friendships.

 I created an Instagram Reel with tips on this very topic:

1. Create a Safe Home Space: Ensure your home is safe and welcoming, where your daughter feels comfortable sharing her experiences.

2. Manage Your Emotional Reaction: Managing your emotions when she confides in you is crucial. Stay calm and empathetic.

3. Role-play Together: Practice role-playing with your daughter to help her feel prepared to express her feelings and concerns to her friends.

4. The Art of Difficult Conversations: Teach her the art of having difficult conversations. Begin with a warm and connecting approach, followed by an "I Message" to express her feelings or experiences, and conclude by asking for what she needs to move forward.

9 Thought Habits & Questions To Pull Your Daughter Out Of Her Automatic Negative Thoughts.

Discover the power to overcome negative thinking alongside your daughter. We've identified the 9 main thought habits in the previous blog:

1. Catastrophizing

2. Magnifying the Negative

3. Mind Reading

4. Fortune Telling

5. All or Nothing Thinking

6. Negative Comparison

7. Spotlighting

8. Labeling

9. Social Perfectionism

Now, let's empower your daughter with questions that can reshape her thoughts.

Download the 9 Thought Habits and Challenge Questions guide to embark on a journey of exploration and growth. Together, you and your daughter can uncover new perspectives that will nurture her positive development.

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