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You Are More Than Enough!

Life can throw a lot at us. For parents, the mix includes juggling work, managing the home, and being there emotionally for our kids as they tackle their own challenges.

Our tween and teen girls are navigating the tricky waters of school life, dealing with the pressures of friendships and the constant comparisons that come with growing up.

Amidst all this, a common thread weaves through our experiences—the inner critic.

The Inner Critic is the voice that whispers doubts and insecurities, making you feel inadequate and fearful of failure.

It might tell you:

"No one likes you!"
"Why bother trying out for the team when you're not that skilled?"
"That test score was just a fluke."
"This outfit isn’t working. Why did you think it would?"
"You're just not smart enough!"
"You’re too annoying to be likable."
"You're dull; do you ever do anything exciting?"

Everyone has an inner critic, a negative voice, or what some call a self-saboteur. It acts like a frightened child, trying to keep us within our comfort zones to avoid pain or disappointment. Often, this voice echoes hurtful comments from our past—perhaps from classmates, teachers, parents, or coaches—comments that we've internalized over time.

However, when we start to decode the messages from our inner critic, we can begin to diminish its hold on us. Understanding its underlying intentions helps us recognize that it is often misguided in its attempts to protect us. This allows us to step back and see these thoughts for what they really are: mere echoes, not truths.

I recently revisited a meditation that was a part of my Mental Health Inner Spring Cleaning experience that I ran a few years ago. I found the meditation to be very uplifting in the moment and exactly what I needed to hear. I hope you find it uplifting as well and the gentle reminder you need. If it resonates, you're welcome to download the MP3 to keep on your device for whenever you need a boost of self-love and affirmation. Download now. Alternatively, you can watch the video on YouTube and let the accompanying images uplift and inspire you.

Explore the mystery of your inner critic with our two-page workbook, perfect for parents and tween or teen girls. This resource is designed to help you understand and gently overcome your inner critic. It includes two worksheets that assist your daughter in recognizing and managing her Inner Critic effectively. Download now.

Remember, no matter the challenges you face, You Are Always Enough! Why don't you take a moment to pause and join me in this meditation?

 For more mindfulness resources, check out my other meditations on the Brave Girl Project website: Mindfulness Recordings to Inspire You to Live Life Bravely. This is a judgment-free zone, so give yourself the gift of self-care and join me for meditation!

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Gratitude Meditation: It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that makes us joyful. Cultivate happiness and gratitude with this mindful practice.

Just Let Go: I wanted to record my version of a poem by Reverend Safire Rose. Listen to my voice sharing these words as a reminder that sometimes, we need to let go.

Is your daughter's inner critic holding her back from stepping outside her comfort zone?

Whether she's nervous about searching for a summer job or simply curious about the working world, our 'Success Starts Here Course' is the perfect tool to empower her. This comprehensive course includes 15 short video lessons, accompanied by PDFs and actionable steps, providing your daughter with the skills she needs to secure her first job and excel in it.

From crafting her first resume to mastering interviews and interacting with customers, she’ll gain invaluable skills that boost her confidence and prepare her for success. This course isn't just for those ready to apply for jobs; it's also ideal for younger girls interested in roles like mother’s helper or even starting their own small projects.

Consider assigning this course as a productive summer activity—it’s a fantastic way for your daughter to continue learning and growing, even if she isn’t working yet.  If you want to give this course as a gift to your granddaughter, niece, or a special young friend, click here.

Help your daughter silence her inner critic and embrace a confident, successful future.

 Join us as a guest for our weekly Sunday Coaching call in The Brave Girl Tribe's at 7 PM EST / 6 PM CST / 4 PM PST.

We welcome 5th to 8th-grade girls to attend as guests and experience the supportive and caring environment we foster. To join, send me an email, and I'll provide the Zoom link [email protected] or Schedule a Chat

 I will be available 15 minutes before the call starts to welcome newcomers and help ease any concerns.

The Brave Girl Tribe is a compassionate community of girls who explore and discuss a range of issues—from friendships and confidence to problem-solving. Being part of a group that understands the unique challenges faced by young girls can be incredibly supportive and empowering.

Don’t miss the opportunity to have your daughter join us tonight and see how our tribe can help her navigate the complexities of growing up with confidence and support.


Laura Hayes
Founder of The Brave Girl Project
Life Coach for Tween & Teen Girls
[email protected]




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